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The Dirtiest Word

Money:  soooo dirty.  Shameful.  Don’t talk about it.  G-d forbid, don’t imply you want any.

People might think you want it from them.

Now, I make a product that helps people.  It adds peace to the world — a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, feel-good product:  positive sayings in different languages, right?  I mean, it’s not crack, or something:  it’s good.  It’s loving.

Here’s a reaction to Blog No. 1 of Diary of Time in the Corridor from an email sent me by a 12-step fellowship person whom I know from, well, 12-step fellowships:

I enjoyed your blog.  It seems like it’s about selling your product as well as sharing your process.  I guess that’s what blogs are meant for.
Is it me, or did you also detect just a tad bit of accusation of the acrid scent of mercantile energy?  “You want me to buy something, don’t you?”

Was I affected by the above reaction?  Oh, yeah.  It was my worst fear:   If I talk about my business, people will think I am trying to sell them something (either the products themselves or the possibility of investing in it).

Work, commerce, these are potentially noble things.  The Talmud says, “Without bread, there is no Torah (sacred learning).”  (The Talmud continues on to say the converse, too:  “Without Torah, there is no bread.”)  It’s the implication that this blog is an indirect sales pitch that was concerning.  Can we talk about selling things without selling them?  (Can we talk about surgery without performing it?)

I did include a photo in the last blog:

— serendipitously, one that spreads the message:  “Don’t give up five minutes before the miracle.”  I was illustrating an anecdote about its order.  By the way — order delivered and customer very happy!I cannot deny that I love the idea of people learning about what I do.  But, I’m aiming for wholesale, not individual retail customers, and am building the infrastructure to do that.    (Full disclosure:  I have an etsy site but it’s mainly for display.  It’s

Do I need an investor to do wholesale?  Yes.  Would I cringe if a blog-reader sought to investigate cashing in on my little seedling of a company?  No.

However, I have a meeting coming up on March 4 that may result in Happy Notes having a real sponsor — possibly being an imprint of a large company.

Or not.

Who knows?

The whole point of this blog is to serve as a witness to a time of transition in my life, from:

a) scraping for money and having some good ideas, to:

b) having the bleepin’ courage to create something that works and lasts and provides prosperity for me and others.

Can’t say I haven’t been somewhat gleefully encouraged by this little factoid:

food stamps to billionaire

I want you along for the ride as I make dumb mistakes and smart choices and watch my life change, somehow.

It’s my assurance that things are about to change for the better that may have sounded like a sales ploy to that 12-step person.

I get it, I do.  Or it may have sounded like whistling in the dark.

Here’s the spiritual rub:  While I believe it is very likely that Happy Notes will make it, I know that I don’t know everything, that I am not the Master of the Universe.  I know that a loving G-d has taken me places I never would have chosen, and for the best.

So, I don’t actually know what’s good for me or the planet.  I just have a feeling about Happy Notes.  And I’m inviting you along for the ride.  We’ve already seen one of my worst fears realized — being misunderstood — and here we are, continuing on!!

Have a great week.  The blogger friend whose blog inspired this one writes a post a week.  I’d like to aim for that.  Catch you soon.  Blessings to all — may you have a wonderful week in which you discover something about you or the world that lights you up.  Do it.

To soulful prosperity for all,

What Matters Most?

Hi, All.  Welcome to my blog.  I thought of the title a long time ago, and tonight’s the night to find this title a blog to call its own.

The title is an outgrowth of a saying that has brought comfort, encouragement and wry smiles to me over the years:

When one door closes, another opens — but it can be mighty cold in the corridor!

This blog is meant to invite you to be my companions in the corridor.  I actually predict great success for my business, but you’re coming along for the ride when I don’t yet have a major investor, i.e., significant operating funds, but I do have a lovely little garden of planted seeds, some of which are sprouting nicely!  Would you like to watch my garden grow? 🙂  Please come along with me!  We’ll have fun!

See, I have a company, Happy Notes Designs ( which makes inspirational bookmarks and magnets (and more) with positive sayings in different languages.  I believe that it will be successful.  I believe that it is unique and a blessing and bound to grow — with G-d’s help, to grow in a healthy way, with great values.  It’s a child I’d like to see become a fine adult.  I have a calm feeling that this is likely.

But the corridor can get drafty.  I just moved into a new apartment.  It’s not yet unpacked and set up because I’m waiting to paint it, first, and don’t yet have the funds.  Like that.  But I love this corridor of an un-set-up apartment.  It’s mine and it’s quiet and magical.  Yay!  It’s my job to keep moving forward till I can get it painted!

I want to lead off by addressing an urgent task on my plate, one the accomplishment of which will influence everything that comes after:   It’s something that is not officially connected with my business and not geared to selling anything or increasing my power, prestige or prosperity.

Yet, I know that this will accomplish all of the above, because it is asking me to attend to reciprocating a sweet act.  Doing so will help me grow in discipline, organization and willingness.  So, I love that the following is the most important thing I can do for my business, right now:

I found a child’s luggage tag in an airport and mailed it back to her.  I got back in the mail the most sweet, grateful, exuberant package from mother and daughter:  a lovely thank you card with inscriptions in the eight-year-old’s painstakingly-produced penmanship and a four-page hand-written letter from the mom.   They are Jehova’s Witnesses and seem to be living lives of goodness, centered around their church, family and making ends meet.

That joyful dispatch deserved  an equally thoughtful response, and I finally got to it.  It felt so great to mail my package back to them, and to include one of the bookmarks below for each of the three family members!                                                     Sagan bookmark Also, I have an order of those very same bookmarks, ready to mail to the lovely customer who requested and paid for them.  I notice that the urgency to complete an order is not as great as that of wanting to generate one, sometimes.  This order goes out tomorrow, please G-d.

This whole process of growing a start-up involves my deciding on priorities and then making sure to accomplish them.  So, getting back to this sweet Mom and daughter, in a timely manner, is my priority.  I need to be a voiler mensch (Yiddish, for “fine person”) to grow the kind of business and life I have wanted.

Thanks for reading Post No. 1!!  Blessings to all who read this.